Adventure Academy

In Adventure Academy, homeschool parents share in a cooperative experience to offer fun classes in a variety of subjects. Geared towards grades K-8, with some high school level classes as well, classic offerings include Art, PE, Health, Hands-On Science, Music, Drama and computers. Each session introduces exciting new fun-filled classes, brought to the program by the rich diversity of gifting among our enthusiastic teachers. Adventure Academy provides enrichment opportunities, and is a great way to supplement your homeschool and build camaraderie with other homeschool families.

This Fall we will not be hosting Adventure Academy Classes here at Covenant Life Church but will keep our FSP families informed of outside classes held by FSP moms in their homes or elsewhere via the Yahoo Group.  Though we are not hosting Adventure Academy be sure to check out the SOAR page because SOAR is offering electives and enrichment classes in the afternoons as part of the SOAR program.  There may be classes there in which you would like to enroll your students.  

We also inform our families of field trip opportunities throughout the school year via our Yahoo Group. There are so many wonderful opportunities to have Adventures!