College and Career

By the end of high school, you will want your student fully prepared for the next step, whether that is college or starting a career. See the links below for information on how to prepare your student for the next step after high school.

SAT, PSAT & ACT: College Entrance Exams
Learn about the different types of college entrance exams and when it is best to take them.

Dual Credit
Your student can simultaneously earn high school and college credit. Go here to learn about options for dual credit and dual enrollment.

Go here to learn about a variety of scholarships that your student can apply for during high school.

Career Assessment
Want to know your student’s career related abilities and interests? Students in 10-12th grades are invited to register for free Career Assessment testing each October. Priority is given to Juniors and Seniors.  Parents attend the results seminar with students in November. To register, sign up at the Community (Kick-Off Meeting) in September, or email For more information, visit the ASVAB Career Exploration website.

Technology Tutorials
Technology skills are in great demand by organizations and businesses. Students who acquire basic office skills, web skills, digital design skills, or programming skills are in a better position to obtain an internship or part-time job during high school or college. Go here for a list of online tutorials that your student can take at their own pace.