FSP Parent Advisory Committee Objectives

To support the program Administrator and to give input into the budget, policies, and procedures of the Family Schools Program (FSP) of Covenant Life Church.


The FSP Board will be structured as follows:

  • FSP Administrator
  • FSP Assistant Administrator
  • One representative couple per school level (Elementary, Middle, and High School)
  • Additional couples as needed
  • A CLC Pastor.

Scope of Responsibility

The Board has decision-making input into the Family Schools Program and provides leadership by:

  • Reviewing and establishing policies in accordance with Covenant Life Church
  • Setting membership fees and monitoring the budget
  • Recommending topics for teacher training and annual FSP activities
  • Serving as a channel and filter of parental opinion within the homeschooling community
  • Giving feedback and guiding new initiatives


To serve on the committee, a member must:

  • Be a current FSP member in good standing
  • Be willing to serve a one-year term
  • Be committed to attend each meeting
  • Be nominated and approved by the current advisory committee and CLC Pastoral Elders


Committee members will be asked to serve a one-year term, from September-August. Members may serve more than one consecutive term if invited by the Committee.

Meeting Schedule

The Advisory Committee will meet as often as needed to carry out its responsibilities, and no less than twice per year. Committee meetings will be scheduled by the FSP Administrator.


Meeting Minutes

The Administrator will keep minutes for each meeting and distribute these to all committee members within one week of the quarterly meeting.