Upon graduation, FSP awards a diploma and a transcript

certifying the completion of all credit requirements.

Homeschooling Through High School


At the end of high school, students participate in a graduation ceremony where FSP awards seniors a diploma certifying that the students have completed the credits required by the Family Schools Program. Graduation is an exciting time! It is the culmination of the effort of both parent and student throughout the high school years.
Homeschooling through high school offers small class sizes and tutorials with a Christian perspective at a fraction of the cost of private school. To help you navigate the process of educating your high school student, FSP provides:

An experienced high school reviewer to help you and your student plan his or her high school course of study

A private parent portal for online record keeping

A diploma certifying that the student has met the requirements for graduation

A transcript, which shows the student's progress throughout high school, and which is available to be sent to colleges.

In addition, FSP offers community and support for both parents and students. For more information on how to get started, contact FSP.
Because students in 8th grade can start earning high school credit, it is wise to start planning early. Request an FSP high school reviewer who will help you with curriculum and course decisions. 

For information on our FSP Tutorial Classes click here.