Elective courses are meant to supplement the core academic courses that are usually taken during the high school years.  Elective courses round out a student’s transcript, and should be selected with an individual student’s interests in mind.  Elective classes in general typically require less preparation, less intense effort, and little, if any, outside class assignments. For more information on curriculum, classes, and calculating credits, login to your FSP portal and view your shared documents.
Some examples of electives include the following, but are not limited to:

  • SAT Prep (1/2 credit)
  • Driving School (1/4 credit)
  • Home Economics (calculate credit)
  • Wood/Metal Shop (calculate credit)
  • Creative Writing (1/2 credit)
  • Poetry (1/2 credit)
  • Public Speaking (1/2 credit)
  • Vocabulary (1/2 credit)

No Early Credit:

Electives taken in 7th or 8th grade do not count as high school credit. The only exception are technology classes; however, a technology class usually counts towards the requirement for technology credits in high school.

Dual Credit:

Electives can be taken for both high school and college credit at Montgomery College or any college. Liberty University (online) offers many classes that could be taken as electives.