Composition, vocabulary, grammar and literature are all important components of English coursework. Some years there may be more of an emphasis on one of the areas, but all of the areas are important. All literature courses should include literary analysis essays and other writing assignments. Since the ability to write well is an invaluable skill, writing exercises should range from a variety of 1-2 page essays during each quarter, to at least one full length (5-7 pages) research paper each year. For more information on curriculum and classes, login to your FSP portal and view your shared documents.


Recommended Courses:

English courses should include Composition, American Literature, and British Literature (or World Literature).


Early Credit:

A high school level English class taken in 8th grade can count as high school credit. Middle school English does not count as a high school level class.


Dual Credit:

In their senior year, students could take either an AP English class or an English class at Montgomery Community College or any other college for both high school and college credit.


College Requirements:

Colleges want to see four years of English in high school.


State of Maryland Requirements:

Four English credits are required for high school.