Math is becoming increasingly important, and starting in 2016-17, the State of Maryland will require 4 years of math taken in each year of high school. College preparatory math courses in high school start with Algebra 1 and continue with Geometry, Algebra 2, Precalculus (or Trignometry), and Calculus. For more information on curriculum and classes, login to your FSP portal and view your shared documents.


Early Credit:

Algebra 1 can be taken for high school Early Credit in 8th grade. Pre-algebra is not a high school level math class.

Dual Credit:

In 11th or 12th grade, a student may take math classes at Montgomery College or any other college for both high school and college credit.

College Requirement

For STEM majors (science, computer science, engineering, or math), colleges prefer four years of high school math. For other majors, check with the colleges that your child might attend.

State of Maryland Requirements:

Currently, the State of Maryland requires 3 credits in math. Starting in 2016-17, the State of Maryland will require four years of college preparatory math in each year of high school.