This is a great opportunity for students to take a class in an area that interests them. They can take any technical course from photography and Photoshop to computer programming. Visit the Technology Tutorials page to see free online tutorials that make it easy to work at your own pace. For more information on curriculum, classes, and calculating credits, login to your FSP portal and view your shared documents.

FSP Requirement:

Beginning with the class of 2016, students are required to obtain 1 credit in Technology prior to graduation. Using the computer for assignments does not count as a technology credit. Students should learn a specific technical skill. For ideas for online technology classes and for information on how to calculate credits, visit the Technology Tutorials page.

Early Credit:

7th or 8th grade students can take technology classes for early high school credit.

Dual Credit:

A student can earn dual credit by taking a technology course at Montgomery College or any other college.

College Requirement:

If your student might major in any of the STEM fields (science, computer science, engineering, math, or medicine) colleges want to see some technology courses.

State of Maryland Requirements:

Currently, the State of Maryland requires 1 credit in Technology.
In addition, the State of Maryland mandates that students must earn either:

  • 2 credits of Foreign Language or American Sign Language – OR
  • 2 credits of Advanced Technology – OR
  • Complete a State-approved career and technology program.