Kids have fun at special events!


Christmas Craft Fair

Children love to work with their hands! At the Christmas Craft Fair, kids of all ages get to work with paper, wood, metal, paint, and glue to make keepsake ornaments and other Christmas themed crafts. Following simple directions, it's amazing what they are able to create! Even parents are allowed to join in the fun! Join us at this special event in December. View photos here.



History Fair

FSP hosts a History Fair and FSP Showcase each Spring. Children create historical displays with authentic crafts. They love dressing up for this event in period clothing. This is an all day event usually including a meal, a candy shoppe, and presentations throughout the day. Besides a history themed celebration we set aside this time for our homeschool students to display work they have completed throughout the school year - even non history projects. This is an opportunity for extended family and friends to come see how much we homeschoolers do each year. To attend this special event, contact us. View photos here.

SOAR Mission Night

Children have natural compassion for others. The SOAR co-op hosts Mission Night where children learn about missionaries and other cultures. Start developing in your children an outward focus and a servant's heart by participating with SOAR and attending this special evening. View photos here.


2015 Grads Playground 2560x1100


FSP Graduation

Each year the Family Schools Program graduation ceremony is a highlight not to be missed.  The ceremony honors our homeschool graduates with individual recognition.  Parents present the homeschool graduates with their diploma while a host reads a personal message to the graduate from his/her parents.  Featured speakers, remembering events of the high school years and slide shows of the students and how they have grown are integral parts of the ceremony.  A reception for all is held after the ceremony in the church Events Center with food and fellowship.  It's an amazing experience that emphasizes the hard work, family relationships, friendships, academics, honors and the Lord's hand through it all.