Standardized Testing

Students in grades K-10 can elect to take the optional Stanford Achievement Test in April.  This multiple-choice assessment helps to identify student strengths and needs, leading to effective placement and instructional planning. The test is untimed and in full-color, and special formatting keeps students focused, interested, and on track during testing.

Features and BenefitsSTANFORD_MultipleChoiceTestBooklet-214x300

  • Content is aligned to state and national standards.
  • Test questions assess all core content areas.
  • The Stanford Achievement Test includes the Lexile Framework for reading.
  • Allows you to compare student performance with that of a representative sample of students across the country.
  • An Achievement/Ability Comparison can be made when Stanford 10 is administered with OLSAT® 8.

Parent Proctors Needed

Two types of proctors are needed. One is an official “Tester” with BJU. If you have a two-year degree, you qualify, but must register with BJU to become authorized. The other proctor needed is an FSP Parent with a child being tested. This allows us to have two adults per classroom. Please sign up to serve in one of these capacities. A short training session is provided. Please consider proctoring for one or more of the testing days. We will do our best to place you in the class you request.

Providing testing each year is dependent upon securing proctors and participation. This valuable service is only possible because dedicated parents in the Family Schools Program are willing to help make it happen! If we are not providing testing onsite for a given year we will direct you to other groups offering testing or help you set up testing for your family on your own or with other FSP families. 

Please read the following attachments prior to registration: SAT-Proctor-Training 


Grade Levels

Please consider carefully at which level you would like to have your child tested. Tests will be ordered according to the grade level you request on your registration.

Test Fee

Fees are approximately $50 per test. Your payment must be received in the office prior to us ordering a test for you. There are no refunds.


Practice Tests

We have practice tests for most grades that you can obtain from the office for free.